Dog Sore Paw – How to Soften Dry Cracked Paws in 2022 (Home Remedies)

"Dog Sore Paw" is currently being searched in google over 2,000 times a month!

Apparently paw pad problems are quite common.

So many dog owners want to know how to soften dry, cracked dog paws, and how to treat a dog sore paw.

In this guide you will learn: 

  • Causes of dog sore paw or cracked paws
  • Natural home remedies to soften dry cracked paws

  • How to treat dog sore paw

  • Tips to soothe dog sore paw, cracked paw, and prevent inflammation or bleeding.

Let's dive right in!


You Try Walking Barefoot!

    Your feet look a bit tough.

    Don’t they?

    You can probably walk barefooted in some areas without getting hurt, but try walking barefooted everywhere.

    The thought is certainly worrying as we all know you will come away with blisters, injuries, cracks, and more.

    Ironically, this is how your furry friend walks all the time

     – barefoot!

    Yes, dogs are one of the toughest and cutest creatures we know.

    Yes, they have thick pads on their feet to protect them most of the time...

    But that’s just it – their thick pads are not invincible or resistant to injuries and dryness.


    "I think I hurt my paw"

    Dry, cracked paws are one of the most common paw pad problems that dogs face.

    Since you are reading this blog, I'm sure you already noticed dryness and slight cracks on your pup's paw pads.


    You may have discovered the problem too late, and by now those cracked paws started to bleed.

    The thing is, our furry friends can't tap you on the back and say, ‘I think I hurt my paw’.

    In fact, they carry on like nothing is wrong.

    The subtle signs that might indicate their discomfort include limping, continuously licking or chewing paws , or avoiding using the paw.


    Causes of Dog Sore Paw or Cracked Paws

    Before we go into how to soften dog paws, let’s find out the specific causes of dog sore paw or cracked paws.

    What are the causes?

    1. Winter

    The cold season plays a large role in making your pet susceptible to cracked paws.

    The frigid temperatures suck the moisture out of everything.

    Without proper care for your dog’s paws during winter, cracked paws are almost certain to occur.

    1. Hot pavement

    You always keep your feet protected with shoes and simple footwear.

    Therefore -

    you might not notice just how hot the pavement is.

    Your pup walks around with his paws in direct contact with these hot surfaces.

    Now, while those pads are tough, those sizzling surfaces can dry them out.

    The more your pup and his already cracked paws are exposed to them, the higher the chance of developing dog sore paw and you might see a sore between your dog’s toes.

    1. Allergies


    Dogs have allergies too!

    And because they are dogs, their response can differ greatly from humans.

    Your dog’s paws are constantly exposed and this makes it easy for any irritant to latch on.

    These allergies can lead to itching feet.

    Your canine friend can also start to chew and nibble to soothe himself

    But that only makes it worse!

    And dry cracked paws (possibly followed by blisters on your dog’s paw) develop quickly.


    Natural home remedies to soften dry cracked paws and treat dog sore paw

    • Prevention

    Prevention is always a better option.

    If you can avoid or reduce the possibility of these uncomfortable situations for your pup, then by all means try.

    In cold or extremely hot weather, invest in two pairs of cute booties.

    If he won’t cooperate, then try to take precautions with your dog’s walking areas.

    Keep your pup off hot areas or areas covered in salt during winter.

    If either is impossible to do, be sure to wipe the salt off your dog’s feet when you go indoors.

    Also, you can apply a the All Natural Pet Moisturizer after a hot day out.


    • Shea butter

    If cracked paws have already occurred, one of the best home remedies to soften cracked paws and heal dog sore paws is Shea butter.

    Shea butter is a natural and popular ingredient known for its moisturizing powers.

    It is extracted from nuts that grow on Shea trees found only in Africa.

    It is harmless.

    It's actually edible!.

    So, even if your dog licks it off, Shea butter won’t compromise his health.

    The Petsonik Pet Moisturizer consists of 100% natural Shea butter and is a great choice for daily use.

    This stuff really works!


    • Water

    Hydration is important when dryness is observed on the skin and paws alike.

    Make sure your pup stays hydrated with water...


    This will help to accelerate restoration.


    • A natural pet paw repair balm

    There are natural and easily available products that come in handy to soften dry cracked paws.

    These products also treat dog sore paws and any blister on dog paw.

    The Petsonik Paw Repair is an all-natural dog paw balm.

    What it's effective for?

    • heals cracked paws and nose
    • Softens rough pads
    • Moisturizes dryness
    • Soothes cuts and sores
    • Relieves rashes and insect bites
    • Nourishes irritated and itchy skin due to weather or allergies
    • Effective for hot spots and burns
    • It may be used as a dog nose balm as well, to soothe your pup's sensitive snout.

    It is purchased as a "2-piece healing kit" together with Petsonik’s Pet Moisturizer and is designed to carry out the "Effective Healing Plan". 

    All 100% Natural ingredients!

    The natural Shea Butter combined with Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and Lavender Extract form the perfect vitamin-rich formula that will naturally heal your pet's paws and protect It's health.

    It's made with a smooth consistency so that is so easy to apply.

    It's slightly "waxy" so that it rubs in to the paw pads well but not to greasy or sticky to leave residue or be slippery.

    How to use?

    Simply dab a little balm on your finger and rub it onto the area that is needed

    The Paw Repair is suitable for all dog breeds, including a pitball.

    You can rest assured that theses products are the best home remedies for pitbull dry skin.


    Tips to soothe dog sore paw, cracked paw, and prevent inflammation or bleeding.

    • It is advisable to apply your home remedy treatment when your dog is tired and resting. That way, the ingredients have ample time to be absorbed and more effective. Make a comfortable bed for your dog. Add treats and plush toys, with a fresh supply of drinking water to keep your pup there.
    • Try to prevent your dog from licking or chewing on the affected paw.
    • Try foot baths with recipes suitable for your pup. A little pampering to support your home remedies can speed up the whole process and make your dog feel loved.
    • Visit the vet - If the situation is beyond home remedies such as serious bleeding and sores, see a vet immediately.
    • When cleaning the paw, try not to overdo it. Give the paw time to heal and be restored to its healthy, smooth, capable, and moisturized state.

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