Help! The neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking!

Help! The neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking!

Dog barking

So now we switched to remote working and that dog just won’t let you concentrate with his nonstop barking; or maybe you’re resting on the couch and that pup next door is constantly yapping making resting an unrestful experience.


girl covering her ears with 2 pillows with a frustrated expression

In general, your neighbor’s dog has become an ongoing nuisance and it’s frustrating!

Stopping your neighbor’s dog from barking sounds (pun intended😊) like a tricky thing to do, but fortunately for you there are a few steps you can take that with a bit of effort and some luck, you and your neighbor’s dog can get on peaceful terms again.

Ok so first, don’t blame the dog; he’s just being a dog! Let’s point out the probable causes for incessant barking. 

Dog barking by the gate
  • There are some breeds that are more territorial than others. Some dogs may just be trying to “protect” their home from strangers or passing cars or the mail man!
  • Here’s a big one-Boredom. Dogs like stimulation. If the dog is home alone all day or in the yard for a long period of time, they may tend to develop compulsive habits such as barking.
  • Excitement, or the lack thereof, can cause a dog to bark. When he sees or hears activity outside it may be his way of expressing “why am I being left out of all the fun!” or it may be a stress reaction to the noise.

Now we got it, fine- there is a reason to his barking but what can we do about it??

Two neighbors talking over the fence
  1. Peace is always the best policy. Assuming neither of you are moving any time soon, the best thing for you to do is talk to your neighbor. Maybe he is not home all day and does not even know that his dog is bothering you? Maybe this is a problem that he is in middle of trying to fix. Communication in a friendly manner might be the easiest quickest fix.

  2. Being proactive maybe be your key to some quiet. If the dog barks whenever you step into your backyard, try blocking his vision. Possibly planting a tree or putting a covered privacy fence between you and your neighbor’s property will solve issue. He may not be able to see you as a threat and will therefore not bark. Another way to get the dog to stop barking is by buying an ultrasonic barking deterrent device. When the microphone sensor picks up a bark it is activated automatically - and will emit an ultrasonic sound to silence the pup. This is and inexpensive and unobtrusive way to try to silence the dog on your own. Petsonik makes a great birdhouse ultrasonic anti barking device that really can do wonders for your piece of mind! 

  3. Dogs don’t only use their eyes to draw out threats, so if the dog is still barking, he may still hear or smell you. The solution to this may just be as simple as making friends! Ask your neighbor if its ok for you and your family to get to know your dog a little. Maybe even suggesting that he play in your yard a few times so that he will get to feel comfortable and not feel the need to bark when you are around.

  4. Definitely not my first option, but you tried your best and the barking is still not stopping, then you may have to resort to filing a noise complaint. Most municipalities, landlords, and homeowners’ associations have noise regulations. Check with your other neighbors and see if they are being affected also from the barking and will file a claim with you. If you plan on taking this the legal rout, be sure to document everything your tried, how often it occurs, and some video clips to back you up. A lawyer may be helpful in this process.  

So all in all, you cannot blame the got for being who he is and not giving you the quit that you crave. However, if you are willing to make the effort, and come to understand the reasoning behind the barking, you may just be able to end this whole episode in a nice neighborly way and even making new friends along the way!

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