How To House Train A Puppy – Potty Training Tips [2021]

House training a puppy is one of the most important parts of caring for your new pet. It is also one of the things you want to get done as quickly as possible so you do not have to deal with inside messes. In order to speed things up without causing undue stress for your new furry friend, follow the tips below.


How to House Train or "Housebreak" a Dog


These steps will help your puppy get used to waiting for outside time for relieving themselves.


  1. Choose a designated potty spot in your backyard.
  2. Create a set schedule for meals and outside breaks.
  3. Learn the "I need to go" signals or teach ones like sitting by the door or even barking.
  4. Give a special reward when your puppy does things properly.
  5. Do not punish for accidents or mistakes. Instead, redirect to proper behavior.


How Long to House Train a Puppy


While all dogs are different, it should not take too long to house train a puppy if you are consistent with your methods. It is much easier to stick to a feeding and outside schedule than it is to teach your dog how to give a signal every time they need to go. The most important thing is to stay calm and focus on encouragement even if mistakes are made.


How to House Train an Adult Dog or Older Puppy


The methods used to teach an older dog are generally the same as for a young puppy. However, you may have to overcome negative behaviors first before accidents stop happening. Set up a schedule as quickly as possible and stay in tune with the signals your dog naturally gives. After all, they may have learned different ones than you are used to with their former owner.


How to Potty Train a Dog to Pee and Poop Outside


If you start housebreaking a puppy with pee pads or other indoor training aids, the transition to the outdoors may take a few extra steps. While establishing a potty walk routine, move a used pad into the yard at the chosen spot. This helps your puppy associate bathroom time with that place outdoors. To eliminate the use of pads inside, minimize both the space they take up and the frequency of putting them down gradually.


How Early Can You Start Potty Training a Puppy


After a puppy is old enough to leave their mother and you adopt them and bring them home, you should begin training immediately. After all, you do not want bad behaviors to set in. Realize that not every young puppy will learn quickly and avoid frustration as much as possible. It is a great time to set up an organized scheduled so your new pet gets used to it.


House training a puppy is a necessary part of dog ownership. It requires high degree of vigilance on your part, restrictions of both time and movement to prevent accidents, and a firm dedication to take your puppy outside matter what the weather.

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