Puppy Separation Anxiety: Curbing Dog Anxiety Quickly (3 Great Tips)

Separation anxiety in dogs has always been my favorite subject to talk about.

So many people ask us about puppy separation anxiety.

And in this post...

I'm going to share 3 really cool tips for curing dog separation anxiety quickly.

Let's get started!


Puppy Separation Anxiety

Ever come home to your otherwise well-mannered pup tearing apart your house and howling like it’s in pain? 

you probably found yourself confused.

What would cause such out of character behavior from your pet?

This problem is actually very common for pet owners and is often caused by separation anxiety.


What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is when a dog feels afraid to be left alone.

When it senses that the owner is about to leave it will begin to show signs of anxiety.

If this is the case for you, most probably you’ll find your dog doing strange things.


Pacing, howling, being destructive or showing other signs of depression and distress.

These are all symptoms of Separation Anxiety.


Curing Dog Separation Anxiety Quickly

There is a wide variety of solutions to help heal your pet from its negative association with being alone.

In some severe cases it may be best to consult a veterinarian.

However, we have some tactics that we recommend you try first.


TIP #1 

Desensitization is a great tool for these cases. 

It simply means you gradually leave your pet alone for longer periods of time.

Start off by keeping him in a room alone for a little while.

Then slowly increase the amount of time you leave him by himself.

This allows your pet to slowly adjust to being away from you and realize that you will return safely.


TIP #2

Condition your dog to have positive associations with alone time.

Giving your dog treats while you’re gone. 

leave the television on so he feels less alone. 

Give him puzzle toys so that he can have fun and be rewarded without your presence.

TIP #3


It's important to exercise your dog right before you leave.


This way he won’t have pent up energy that can turn in to anxiety.

After exercising, your pup might even rest while you are gone.


Healthy Pet; Healthy You

So, If you work with your dog to overcome his separation anxiety you can both feel more comfortable and happier at home.

You will no longer have to worry about your dog destroying your house or accidentally injuring them self. 

You will instead come home to a happy dog who will treasure your attention without feeling the need to display negative behaviors to get it. :)

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