Top 5 Tips on How to Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly


Top 5 tips on how to make your yard dog-friendly

Dog sticking is face out of a window in a green wooden fence

 Yes the dog loves the great outdoors! But sometimes the yard can get boring if your pal goes out all the time. A little sprucing up of the yard will make hanging out in the yard like a trip to the park! Not only will it entertain your pup for a long time, but it also provides for mental and physical stimulation and will lead to a better behaved dog indoors. Your fur baby will thank you for checking out these easy tips to boost your backyard for some fun times ahead!

  1. Safety First

Always make sure your yard is dog-safe before letting your dog out to play. Things that are commonly found in a yard can be toxic to canines. Insecticides and fertilizers can make pets sick if digested. Check on the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website to see a list of harmful substances for your dog. Compost may also be a problem because it may contain mold and cause severe illness. So make sure to take a good tour around the yard before letting the pup out.

  1. Provide Some Exciting Outdoor Toys

    Dog running through a colorful obstacle course in the yard

Playing fetch is fun….for a while. Give your throwing arm a brake and find some yard toys that your dog can entertain himself without your intervention. There are plenty of great inexpensive toys that your furry friend will love! Teether toys that get anchored into the ground are great for the dog to have endless fun. A small optical course is a great idea of fun for a dog!

  1. Water Activities

    small dog splashing in a blue baby pool

Your dog’s senses will be stimulated when you provide different elements for him to explore. Weather permitting, try to include water activities. Doggy pools or even just turning on the sprinkler will be tons of fun for your pal and for you to watch as well! However- if your dog is petrified of the water – do not force him. You want the yard to always be a positive experience for your dog.


  1. Does your dog dig?

Maybe consider a sandpit so all your dog’s digging can be done in one designated spot. This will add more interest to your yard as well as stopping the dog from digging up unwanted areas. Sandpit training tip- model for your dog with your hand how to dig in the approved sandpit. Your furry friend will catch on very quickly! You can also hide their toys in there to encourage digging in the sand to find them.

  1. Dogs eye view!

    Dog sticking is face out of a window in a green wooden fence

Our friendly pup loves to see all the hustle and bustle going on in the great outdoors, so making sure there is a little window in the fence for him to peak through, is a great way to keep him entertained while in the yard!

Don’t feel intimidated to implement all these things at once. It’s actually better to do one or two at a time and rotate so that your dog will always be excited to play in the yard. Believe me, your dog will love the effort you put into his play space and you will love the benefits of a better behaved dog. Hope you enjoyed these tips!


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