Top 8 Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog [2021]

Everyone loves a good dog trick! There are countless tricks that you can teach your dog if you have the patience and willingness to take a few minutes out of your day to keep up their training. The following are the top tricks to teach your dog in 2020.

Simple, Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Dogs

If you’re looking for some simple tricks that are easy to teach your dog, you’ll want to consider teaching them these 3 easy tricks that can be taught fairly quickly.

1. Roll Over

This trick will teach your dog to roll over on their side. It’s not a very practical command, but it’s easy for dogs to learn and it can form the basis of more complicated tricks down the road.

2. Play Dead

This trick is one of the most popular and surprisingly simple tricks to teach dogs; your dog will need to know how to lie down and roll over before you can teach them this trick.

Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

If you want your dog to do something much cooler than simply sitting or fetching a newspaper, then definitely check out these cool tricks that will have your friends oohing and ahh-ing over your dog’s antics.

3. Skateboard

If you’ve ever wanted a skateboarding dog, then you’ll need to teach them this trick! Naturally, you’ll need a skateboard and a dog that is physically capable of balancing on the board safely before you can teach them.

4. Dance

Dancing dogs are always cool! You can teach your dog to dance on their own or dance with their paws on your shoulders as your “partner.”

Funny Dog Tricks

Who doesn’t love a funny dog? These hilarious tricks will have you cracking up all night long as you teach your dog to do some silly moves.

5. High Five

Who wouldn’t crack up at a high five from a dog? This trick is surprisingly easy to teach yet will have the crowd roaring every time.

6. Sing

Singing dogs sound terrible—which is why this trick is so funny! It will make a great video for social media or a funny trick to show off at a family BBQ.

Advanced Dog Tricks

If you’re looking for a dog trick that is more advanced and complicated than the ones listed above, consider teaching them the following 3 advanced tricks.

7. Clean up the room

This trick will take a while to teach, but in the end it will help you cut down your cleaning time! Teaching your dog to clean up dirty clothes or even their own toys is both entertaining and practical.

8. Open a door

Dogs can learn to open doors, but remember to keep your dog’s safety in mind. This is a great trick to teach your dog if you need physical assistance opening doors or you have a fenced in back yard and can’t always get up to let your dog out in the morning.

When it comes to teaching your dog tricks in 2020, you can’t go wrong with the above tricks that range from quick and simple to complex and undeniably cool.

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