Anti-Slip Dog Boots

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Think high tops but for dogs! These extended-cuff dog boots reach higher up your dog’s leg than normal boots and attach snugly with Velcro fasteners. Their extended-length design covers more of their paws and lower legs while you’re out adventuring together for a little added protection against ice, snow and even hot pavement during the spring and summer. Whatever the weather, these boots have your pup’s paws covered.


Key Benefits

  • Extended cuff length covers more of your dog’s foot and lower leg.
  • Made with durable polyester material with reflective accents and rubber soles.
  • Closes securely around your dog’s paws with Velcro fasteners for a snug, comfy fit.
  • Tough, rubber sole helps you keep their paws protected while they’re out and about.
  • Great for ice, snow, small sharp objects and even hot pavement.
  • 90-day money back guarantee! 



Always supervise your dog while wearing this item. Check your dog's paws for any rubbing or chafing and ensure a secure fit. Do not leave shoes on for longer than 3 hours at a time. Watch for any signs of adverse reactions during use. Do not use on wounded, irritated or swollen paws. Inspect boots regularly for wear and tear.

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