Mini Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

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  • FINALLY QUIET YOUR NEIGHBOR'S DOG; Ever wondered how to stop neighbors dog from barking? This anti bark device was built with the highest level of quality to ensure long term use; It is waterproof and durable so it can withstand any weather conditions; making it an excellent outdoor bark control for dogs or neighbors dog barking; This version is light weight and was designed super cute and adorable for outdoor decor and commonly used to stop neighbor dog barking; Although it may be used indoors as well - it isn't recommended.
  • ENJOY THE CALM AND TRANQUIL ENVIRONMENT YOU DESERVE; Our Dog Bark Control will stop dog barking and give you the piece of mind you deserve; When the microphone sensor picks up a bark it is activated automatic - and will emit an ultrasonic sound to silence the pup. Find out just how quick this machine works; Simply turn it on and wallah; the excessive dog barking stops immediately; Now you know how to stop a dog from barking. Works on most size dog. 
  • IT'S JUST SO DAMN EASY TO USE; This new bird house shaped electronic puppy bark repeller is super easy to hang on a tree mount on a wall or position on a fence post; Plus It is exceedingly easy to set up and start using; making it the most popular ultra-sonic bird-feeder bark repellent gadget.
  • FAR RANGE & 100% SAFE; This style dog silencer box was conveniently designed with multiple settings; Mode 1: Low Range (up to 15 feet); Mode 2: Medium Range (up to 30 feet); Mode 3: High Range (up to 50 feet); How to get your dog to stop barking in a safe way? This dog silencer ultrasonic bark control has been tested and proven to be completely harmless to humans animals and plants; This device is intended for professional dog obedience training.
  • GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN; You are making a very intelligent decision doing business with our company; We know you're a big deal and we'll only provide you with the finest product and service around; or your money back; Our Bark Control is backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.


Trying to relax, but can't stand the annoying noise of your neighbors dog barking? We have the solution!

How to make a dog stop barking? Secretly hang this bark repellent on a tree in your backyard, facing your neighbor, and turn the lever to the preferred range setting. Then sit back and kick up your feet, cuz now you can finally relax! Our electric bark prevention unit is made from the highest quality materials, and is 100% weatherproof. This bird-house bark deterrent is today's most popular and classic bark stopper and corrector.

Wish you can train your dog not to bark at visitors or strangers?

How to get a dog to stop barking? This dog trainer tool is designed for professional and safe pet training, and is great for your little barker at home. It has a LED light indicator to notify you when the ultrasound is emitted, and very soon your pets will be trained to be silent when you want them to. Our bark controller gadgets are 100% humane. It is safe to animals, plants, and human beings, and will successfully train your pup not to bark at the wrong times. Now you know how to train a dog not to bark.

This birdhouse-shaped unique design also makes for a nice gift idea! If you have a friend that would be interested in training his pup or wishes to quiet his neighbors pup, I'm sure he'll love our devices.

Important Info About Product:

- Not recommended for indoor use; outdoors preferred
- Not recommended on tiny dogs (less than 4.5 lb)
- May not be as effective on very large dogs
- To avoid desensitizing your dog, only turn on device during periods of unwanted barking
- To preserve battery life, turn off device when you are not using it

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