Petsonik Ladybug - Dog/Cat Ultrasonic Repellent For Flea & Ticks

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The Petsonik Ultrasonic Ladybug deterrent and repellent, is intended for dogs and cats who have been infested by fleas and ticks'.

The device works immediately upon activation by clicking the button located at the top of the ladybug. the device can also be used for mosquitos due to its advanced functionality, just place it anywhere in your house, backyard, park, hotel, office etc.

If you're looking for a pest solution that's both safe and effective, this is it! Our device contains NO CHEMICALS and is completely SAFE.

Insect pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, mites, and other pests have been found to be in the range of sound waves at this frequency, and their internal secretion system and physiological function will result in flocculation. It has the effect of both expelling and killing. Ultrasound is safe for humans and other animals.

It has been widely used due to its safety, innocuity, tackiness, and high efficiency.

  • Ultrasound ticks and fleas repellent -Extremely effective flea and tick protection for your pets!!!
  • Pet-friendly, non-toxic, and safe.
  • Caution: do not immerse in water. Do not take apart. To avoid choking hazards, keep out of reach of babies.