Petsonik Pet Moisturizer 100% Natural

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Hey Pet parents, do you want to keep your pets fur feeling silky, shiny and soft? Our “Petsonik Cat & Dog Moisturizer'' may just be the answer. Made only from 100% Shea Butter and manufactured in the USA. This Shea butter is an all natural plant butter that is extracted from the Shea trees only found in Western Africa. Its healing properties have been known for centuries to soothe, soften, and hydrate skin to prevent further dryness. Shea butter is also known to help heal a wide variety of skin problems including - Cracked paws, Itchy fur, Red bumps, Irritation, Dry scaly skin, Dull fur, Small cuts, and Wounds.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for all coats & breeds 
  • Great for Cats & Dogs.
  • All natural and safe ingredients
  • Made from 100% imported shea butter
  • Heals a wide variety of ailments

Use Instructions:

Softly rub the “Petsonik Pet Moisturizer” on your pet’s affected areas. Apply daily to maintain soft, healthy skin and paws. For best results, try to distract your pet until the cream is fully absorbed in the skin. To boost the healing process on dry and irritated areas, such as the paws and nose of your pet, we recommend applying our “Petsonik Paw Repair” in conjunction with this pet moisturizer.