Petsonik Portable Pet Muddy Paw Cleaner

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Does your pet love to dig in the dirt? Do your house floors keep getting muddy from your little pup? Are you afraid of outside germs coming into your home? We understand you! That's why we came out with this "Petsonik Pet Muddy Paw Cleaner". This instant paw washing solution is the best system for keeping your pets paws clean, while keeping the environment around them germ free as well.

Like you, we are frustrated with poor quality products and the hassle that comes along with them; cleaning our pets should always be easy. So, we designed this Paw Cleaner with an "Easy-To-Remove-Lid" feature, so that the entire process is more convenient. Plus, we made sure that the bristles are soft, so it won't hurt your furry friend in the process. Enjoy the sensation of a sparkling clean home every day!


Key Benefits

  • Easy to open lid.
  • Keep home clean.
  • Clean paws from germs.
  • Comfortable - extra soft gentle silicon grooming bristles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.


How To Use

1. Fill Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Cup with warm water.

2. Brush the hand-held container up and down paw.

3. Pour out dirty water.

4. Take off lid, remove bristles, and scrub clean.



Opening at the top is 3 inch wide.

Suited for XS, S, & M breeds.